Vermont Solid Waste Management

This section of the website provides quick links to solid waste master plans, statutes, and regulations for Vermont.

For the status of current bills in the VT Legislature 2023 Session, see “Proposed Legislation.”

State legislatures have enacted laws to govern the management of solid waste within each state’s jurisdiction.

Title 10 Chapter 159 Waste Management

Current bills before the 2023 VT General Assembly (pdf downloads and status links):

H.47  An act relating to disposal of solar panels

This bill would require any entity that installs solar panels within the State to have a recycling plan for decommissioned solar panels that has been approved by the Public Utility Commission.

Check the status of H.47

H.48 An act relating to solid waste management

This bill would establish a Landfill Siting Commission to evaluate and identify a new site for a landfill in the State; establish the Vermont Materials Management Council to assist the Secretary of Natural Resources in long-term management of solid waste in the State; ban landfill leachate, septage, or sludge generated by a non-certified or non-approved facility from landfill disposal in the State; establish a Landfill Closure and Planning Account in the Waste Management Assistance Fund to be used to close existing landfills, plan for new landfills, and remediate contamination caused by landfills in the State, funded by increases in the taxes on solid waste facilities and hazardous waste.

Check the status of H.48

H.50 An act relating to prohibiting the labeling of consumer products that contain PFAS as compostable

This bill would prohibit the sale or distribution in the State of any consumer product with a total organic fluorine concentration exceeding 100 ppm.

Check the status of H.50

State environmental agencies have adopted rules to establish standards and procedures for managing solid waste. Here are the rules for Vermont:

20P-005 Solid Waste Management Rules (download pdf)

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