CSWS strives to be a catalyst for pragmatic and comprehensive approaches to sustainable solid waste management in New Hampshire.

What we do

  • Share relevant information about the status of solid waste management in NH
  • Furnish updates on pending legislation and proposed rules
  • Evaluate and comment on proposed policies
  • Offer presentations to interested groups
  • Explore innovative approaches to managing solid waste
  • Engage in planning processes for solid waste management
  • Advocate for economically and environmentally sound, sustainable solid waste management practices and policies.
  • Work collaboratively with other groups to create future options

How we work

  • Understand the science and economics of solid waste management technologies
  • Share that knowledge through public outreach that generates civic engagement to create the political will for sustainable management of solid waste

Fundamental Premises

The first update of New Hampshire’s Solid Waste Management Plan in almost 20 years was released on September 30, 2022.

New Hampshire now has a critical opportunity to evaluate new options for managing solid waste.

Solid waste management is a regional issue, and our initial work in New Hampshire will be a pilot for broader efforts.

Current condition: Fragmented, inefficient, unsustainable approach to solid waste management.

Desired outcome: Efficient, socially equitable, economically and environmentally sustainable, regionalized approach to solid waste management.

We want to be a catalyst for such change.

Who we are

Collaborative Solid Waste Strategies (CSWS) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization committed to improving the way New Hampshire and other states manage solid waste.

The Board of Directors includes individuals with long histories of involvement in the policy, science, and management of solid waste.

We strongly believe that New Hampshire’s mindset needs to shift to an emphasis on resource recovery and away from the current emphasis on solid waste disposal.

Meet the Board of Directors and Staff

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