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New Hampshire Solid Waste Management

This section of the website provides quick links to solid waste master plans, statutes, and regulations for New Hampshire.

To see bills from the NH Legislature 2023 Session, see “2023 Proposed Legislation.”  (2024 legislative session information is coming soon.)

Watch the live stream of a House hearing here by selecting the Committee of interest. Recordings of recent committee hearings are also accessible from this link, and by scrolling down the page you can request notification of upcoming Committee hearings.

Watch the live stream of a Senate hearing here by selecting the Committee of interest. On this site, you can request notification of upcoming Committee hearings at the top and access recordings of recent hearings by scrolling down the page.

State legislatures have enacted laws to govern the management of solid waste within each state’s jurisdiction.

Title X Chapter 149-M Solid Waste Management

For information about any bill go to the General Court website and use the “find a bill” search tool.

Bills that went before the 2023 NH General Court (pdf downloads and status links):

HB56 AN ACT relative to permits for the siting of new landfills

This bill establishes a formula for determining the distance for which a new landfill shall be located from a perennial river, lake, or coastal water.

HB226 AN ACT enabling municipalities to regulate the distribution and disposal of certain solid waste within landfills.

This bill enables municipalities to regulate the point of sale distribution of single use packaging and the disposal of single use packaging waste within their municipal landfills and transfer stations.

HB253  AN ACT establishing a committee to study extended producer responsibility

This bill establishes a committee to study extended producer responsibility.

HB273  AN ACT requiring composting and waste recycling to be made available to residents of public housing

This bill requires public housing residents to have access to on-site composting and recycling receptacles.

HB300  AN ACT prohibiting the disposal of certain food waste

This bill defines food waste and prohibits its disposal in landfills in certain circumstances.

HB462  AN ACT making an appropriation to the solid waste management fund and targeting food waste reduction and diversion

This bill makes an appropriation to the solid waste management fund and targets food waste reduction and diversion.

HB602   AN ACT relative to landfill siting

This bill establishes additional requirements for siting of landfills as permitted by the department of environmental services.

SB267 AN ACT relative to rulemaking for advanced recycling facilities

The current legislature is considering a bill (SB267) that would require development of specific rules to ensure protection of New Hampshire’s air, water, and soil from the many toxic substances produced during advanced recycling.

State environmental agencies have adopted rules to establish standards and procedures for managing solid waste. Here is the link to explore or download the state’s administrative rules on a vast array of solid waste topics.

Permit Application For Expansion of Four Hills Secure Landfill in Nashua (Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2022 at 6pm) – Comment Deadline Sept. 28

You can sign in electronically to support or oppose a bill in advance of a hearing or until 11:59 p.m. the day a bill is heard. We have found that these links are much more cooperative AFTER business hours and on weekends than during the business day.

The remote sign in forms and instructions for both chambers are located at the bottom of the page.

The House sign in form also accepts testimony.

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