Statewide Networking at the Keep NH Green Environmental Summit in Laconia

By Arnie Alpert, Active with the Activists

LACONIA — “I’m from Cornish Flat, New Hampshire, near Claremont and Lebanon, and my environmental concern is single use plastic waste and pollution in our state.”

So began the introductions at the Keep New Hampshire Green Environmental Summit Saturday morning and on they went for most of an hour. “I’m a science teacher and an environmental advocate and I’m interested in environmental health and water quality.” 

“The mission of our organization is to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from our region.”  “I’m a retired person who has been drawn into a fight to stop a landfill.”   “I’m serving my first term in the House. It’s been quite an education.”

By the time the 66th person introduced herself (a recently retired EPA employee who said she’s been involved in environmental campaigns since she was 6 years old), the summit was already a success.

“Our hope is that people who are very active in environment in New Hampshire talk to each other so that our voices are not splintered,” Susan Richmond, one of the event’s organizers, told me before the meeting. 

Jon Swan of Save Forest Lake, which has been fighting a North Country landfill, led off the event, saying, “The whole point of this meeting is just to find new friends and allies, to meet in person, help each other out with our respective fights.”…

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