Refillery – NH’s first zero-waste grocery store

(By Maureen Milliken, Manchester Ink Link, August 4, 2023) Manchester area residents will get a chance to check out the area’s first zero-waste grocery store, if they already haven’t, when Live Free Refillery holds a grand opening Thursday… Owner Juliette Buell, with 15 years of experience in agriculture, created Live Free Refillery to share her passion for food and the environment with the community. To eliminate single-use plastic packaging, everything at the store is in reusable, recyclable or biodegradable packaging…

Lebanon Landfill Continues to Innovate

New Hampshire’s municipal landfill in Lebanon continues to innovate with more waste diversion programs by accepting plastic grocery bags for recycling with Virginia-based partner, Trex.

Mount Carberry Landfill Expansion Praised

(By THOMAS P. CALDWELL, December 16, 2021) A public hearing on the proposed expansion of the Mount Carberry landfill in the town of Success brought only one comment, and that was largely in praise of the operation.Adam Finkel of Dalton, a professor of Environmental Health Science at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, commented, “Just this one expansion alone, I think, would be ample to reduce any possible shortfall [in solid waste capacity] out into the 2030s and 2040s … and it would continue, I think, to be a great resource for the towns of the North Country.”