Statewide Networking at the Keep NH Green Environmental Summit in Laconia

(By Arnie Alpert, August 12, 2023) “I’m from Cornish Flat, New Hampshire, near Claremont and Lebanon, and my environmental concern is single use plastic waste and pollution in our state.” So began the introductions at the Keep New Hampshire Green Environmental Summit Saturday morning and on they went for most of an hour….By the time the 66th person introduced herself (a recently retired EPA employee who said she’s been involved in environmental campaigns since she was 6 years old), the summit was already a success.

Mount Carberry Landfill Expansion Praised

(By THOMAS P. CALDWELL, December 16, 2021) A public hearing on the proposed expansion of the Mount Carberry landfill in the town of Success brought only one comment, and that was largely in praise of the operation.Adam Finkel of Dalton, a professor of Environmental Health Science at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, commented, “Just this one expansion alone, I think, would be ample to reduce any possible shortfall [in solid waste capacity] out into the 2030s and 2040s … and it would continue, I think, to be a great resource for the towns of the North Country.”

DES Faces Skepticism Over Transparency in Landfill Regulations

(quoted from the Concord Monitor) The NH Legislature has for several years been debating and voting on a number of bills to update the state’s rules for siting landfills. These rules, administered by NH’s Department of Environmental Services (DES), are a hot mess. They were written not by DES but largely by and for the solid waste industry 30 years ago, with virtually no changes since…The state is witnessing a grassroots movement as more and more individuals are actively engaging in environmental issues that were previously seen as beyond their concerns.